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How does the process work?

In a nutshell, you shop for the furniture that you would like to buy and choose a local maker to build it for you. If there isn’t a local maker available, you can also choose to build the furniture yourself by purchasing our detailed build plans that walk you through the entire process step-by-step.  If you aren’t a woodworker, you can always ask your uncle Bob or a woodworker friend to build it for you 🙂

Why are there different prices for the same furniture in the store?

Every maker on our maker team operates independently and is free to set their own prices for fabrication, finishing, and delivery.  This helps create a free market, competition, and ensures that you’re getting the best price for your local market. It’s likely that there will be some variability of material options, finishing options, and custom work from one maker to the next, which can also affect the price. So be sure to take a close look at the product descriptions, features, and ratings of each product that you’re considering to help with your purchasing decision.

Do you plan on selling other types of furniture in addition to the Lift Bridge Workstation?

Absolutely! We’re just getting started and kicking things off with the Lift Bridge Standing Desk, Rolling Monitor Stand, and Inversion Chair. As we grow and build our global network of makers, we plan on adding new furniture designs for office furniture, tables, chairs, workbenches, and everything in between.

If Lift Bridge Furniture is being produced by different builders, how do you maintain a high level of quality?

Our build plans and build videos are highly detailed and have a very specific process that details how our furniture should be built in order to maintain a high level of quality.  Our makers are independent business owners and professionals that care deeply about their craft. They want you to be happy just as much as we do and ultimately, they want your repeat business.  We firmly believe that our makers wouldn’t want to ship or deliver something that they weren’t proud of, but if for some reason the quality doesn’t meet your expectations, please let us know and we’ll work with the builder to make it right.

Can I communicate with the maker during the build process?

Yes. Every maker has their contact information listed in their store section on our web site and you’re free to contact them with any questions that you may have. While it’s good to discuss any applicable logistics such as shipping or delivery details, please try to keep communications to a minimum and allow the maker the time necessary to craft and ship your furniture.

Can I contact my maker directly to order more Lift Bridge Furniture?

All orders for Lift Bridge Furniture are required to go through the web site.  Completing a sale of Lift Bridge Furniture outside of the platform is a direct violation of our Maker Policy and will result in the maker losing his or her commercial license to build Lift Bridge Furniture. If you would like to place another furniture order through the same maker, please submit another order through

What if there aren't any Lift Bridge Furniture makers in my local area?

No worries! Some makers will ship to locations outside of their local area. If you find a product or maker that’s outside your local area, add the product to your shopping cart and start the checkout process to see if there are any shipping options available. Each maker sets their own shipping zones and shipping options so this will vary from maker to maker. Of course, you also have the option of purchasing the plans and building the furniture yourself if you wish.

Does Lift Bridge Furniture come with a warranty?

Yes! All of our independent makers have agreed to guarantee their craftsmanship and offer a two-month warranty on any manufacturing or material defects with their products. This warranty is limited to normal use of the furniture and does not cover damage due to excessive or improper use. Our makers have agreed to repair or replace any manufacturing or material defects during this two-month warranty period at the maker’s discretion.


  • Damage identified as carrier or installer related
  • Normal wear and tear of wood products during course of ownership
  • Color, grain, or texture of natural wood materials, laminates, and other covering materials
  • Damages or failures resulting from misuse, abuse, negligence, improper care, modifications, or relocation.
  • “Ghost” indentations and similar damage caused by the failure to use appropriate desk or writing pads.
  • Damages to seating products caused by contact with tables, desks, or other surfaces.
  • Textiles (which may be subject to a separate warranty from the textile manufacturer)

All Warranty Claims are subject to Maker-approved inspections. 

Why should I join the Lift Bridge Furniture Maker Team?

This is a great opportunity to add an entirely new and unique product line to your existing business.  Not only do we offer highly detailed plans and build videos that walk you through the entire build process, but we also send customers your way.  That way you can focus on what you love; building cool furniture that actually helps people, improves their lives, and makes you money while doing it!

How does pricing work?

You set your own prices. Your prices should include a 30% markup on your costs so that you can pocket the amount that you want for any given listing. The designer gets 7% and the platform gets 23%.

For example, let’s say that your retail price for a piece of furniture is $3,000.  Let’s pretend that you also designated a $250 shipping charge as well as 6% sales tax for your home state.  Here’s how it would breakdown:

Order Details:
$3,000.00 – The item price
$   250.00 – Shipping
$   195.00 – 6% Sales Tax
$3,445.00 – Order Total

Fees Breakdown:
$690.00 – Platform Fee ($3,000 * 23%)
$210.00 – Designer Fee ($3,000 * 7%)
$  15.58 – Shipping & Tax Processing Fee ($445 * 3.5%)
$915.58 – Total Fees

Maker Payout:
$3,445.00 – Order Total
– $915.58 – Total Fees
$2,529.42 – Total Maker Payout

Your Manufacturing Costs should include all of your materials and labor that you would like to make on the job. You assign sales tax classes to your products and the system will automatically calculate the sales tax during customer checkout. You’re responsible for collecting any applicable sales tax and remitting any sales tax payments to your state. While Lift Bridge Furniture provides a means to apply taxes to your transactions, we do not warrant that these tax amounts will fully satisfy your local sales and use tax reporting obligations. For a final determination on these matters, please seek assistance from your tax advisor.

For more details, please read our Fees & Payouts Policy.

Can I add my own furniture design to Lift Bridge Furniture and get paid?

If you think you have a furniture design that will sell well and fits nicely with the Lift Bridge Furniture collection, we’d love to see it! If your design is accepted, we’ll work with you to produce detailed plans (and possibly videos) for our Maker Team. Your name will be listed as the Designer on the plans and any time a maker anywhere on the planet sells furniture from your design, you’ll make an easy 7% royalty on the sale. Not bad!

  • Bonus Points if your design is functional and somehow improves the lives of others 😉

Please read our Designer Policy for more details. 

Where can I find the hardware or parts that are required for a furniture build?

We’ve listed most of the parts that are required to build Lift Bridge Furniture in the Parts Section of our Shop page. Many of these parts are fulfilled by 3rd parties, such as, so that you can get your parts quickly. This should make it easier for you to source the parts that you need. 

For those of you that don’t want to deal with sourcing hardware and just want to cut wood, we also have plans to start offering Hardware Kits for specific furniture designs so that you can get everything that you need for a build in a single kit. Keep your eyes on the parts section for when these become available. 

Do I need to learn how to do upholstery?

That’s completely up to you. We tried doing our own upholstery and we were terrible at it. We learned that sometimes it’s best to outsource that job to a local upholstery professional and we highly recommend it for the best quality.  

If you plan on building the Lift Bridge Inversion Chair, the upholstery involved should be a very straight forward job for any seasoned upholstery professional.

Can I offer my own wood species options and finishing options?

Yes. We understand that makers might have limited access to some wood species and might only work with certain materials (ie. walnut).  Be sure to update your product descriptions and product images accordingly so that the customer knows exactly what they’re buying. 

Can I communicate with the customer during the build process?

Yes, and we encourage it! After you receive a new order, it’s good to follow up with your customer, confirm their selections, and set expectations so that they don’t feel left in the dark. You should also discuss any applicable logistics such as shipping or delivery details.

When you create your products, you will select an expected processing time (ie. 4-6 weeks) which will be displayed in the product’s Shipping Info tab for the customer to see. It’s a good idea to confirm the processing time with your customer in case they didn’t see it before you start the build. If for some reason you need more time, please discuss this directly with the customer. The key to a successful transaction and a happy customer is good communication!

Please read our Maker Policy for more information.

Can I accept orders for Lift Bridge Furniture outside the platform?

No.  All orders for Lift Bridge Furniture are required to go through the web site.  Completing a sale of Lift Bridge Furniture outside of the platform is a direct violation of our Maker Policy and will result in the maker losing his or her commercial license to build Lift Bridge Furniture. If a customer contacts you directly to place an order, please ask them to submit a new order through your store on

Please read our Maker Policy for more information.

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