Introducing Lift Bridge Furniture!

I’ve had a bad back for the last 20 years, during which I spent the majority of that time sitting, working on a computer all day, and ultimately making the problem worse. I was determined to find a better way to work, and spent the last year and a half of my life designing, building, making tweaks, and using the Lift Bridge Workstation in my daily routine. I’ve gone from not being able to stand for 10 minutes to easily being able to stand for 8-10 hours a day. I’m not 100% cured, but my life has improved dramatically. I can play with my kids and move around like a normal person again. It’s truly incredible how much my life has changed since I started using this workstation, so I feel compelled to share this with the world so that others can share in the same experience.

I’m super excited to team up with other makers and woodworkers around the world to help launch Lift Bridge Furniture and improve the way we work! ┬áMore details to come.

Be well!


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